U.S. Market:
AIG - 55.13 +0.15 0.273% Apple - 115.665 +1.035 0.903% Bank of America - 17.20 +0.10 0.585% Cisco - 27.69 -0.13 -0.467% Citigroup - 54.65 +0.29 0.533% Coca-Cola - 43.905 -0.635 -1.426% Facebook - 75.15 -0.31 -0.411% Ford - 16.11 +0.21 1.321% GE - 26.375 +0.325 1.248% Hewlett-Packard - 38.885 -0.065 -0.167% Intel - 37.685 +0.085 0.226% JPMorgan - 61.12 +0.04 0.065% McDonald's - 95.22 +0.11 0.116% Microsoft - 48.17 -0.29 -0.598% Pfizer - 31.38 -0.19 -0.602% Starbucks - 80.32 -0.05 -0.062%

Rising confidence offers hope while consumer spending pauses in August 2014

According to recent reports, US consumer spending plummeted in July for the first time in the last six months, but most surprisingly, confidence among households hit a 7-year high in the month of August, 2014, suggesting the recession would be rather temporary. Another report showed a sharp acceleration in other factory activity in the Midwest, which is yet another sign that the economy still remains on solid ground. The weakness in consumer spending will very soon subside this fall as consumer confidence is being driven by record highs in the stock and share market, rising home prices and enhancing labor market conditions, as said by Michael Woolfolk a global market strategist.

Consumer spending, usually accounts for more than two-thirds of US economic activity, dipped 0.1% in July, after rising by 0.4% in June, as per the Commerce Department. Economists and financial experts had expected a 0.2% gain and when this was adjusted for inflation, it fell by 0.2%. Consumer expense was weighed down in part by a decline in automobile purchases and another drop in demand for utilities.

Consequences of weakness in consumer spending

Due to the sudden drop in consumer spending, some economists were prompted to lower their forecasts for the third quarter economic growth. Goldman Sachs cut down its projection by two-tenths of a percentage point to a 3.1% annual rate. Another forecasting firm Macroeconomic Advisers curb down its forecast by a similar amount, taking the percentage down to about 2.9%. The US economy grew at 4.3% annual rate in the second quarter of 2014, with consumer spending advancing at a rate of 2.5%.

Despite the transition of expectations, economists still expect yet another relatively sturdy quarter, keeping in mind the rise in confidence, a strengthening employment market conditions and gains in manufacturing and business expenses. Government and housing expenses are also about to mend themselves. Another separate report showed that the Thomson Reuters/ University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment index increased to 82.5 in August, which is the highest level since July, 2007. In short analysts expect a firmer growth as improving economic fundamentals continue to assert them.

A rise in savings rate – Another feather on the cap

Consumer spending has weakened as more and more households have opted to save some extra money from steady income gains. Income rose for a seventh month in July while savings rate hit their highest level since December, 2012. Actually high savings, combined with alleviating debt burden should prompt consumers to spend more. Consumers could even be positioned to trim down savings and tap credit in order to add fuel to the fire of stronger spending. But this remains to be seen.

The improving labor market conditions

Nonetheless, an improving labor market remains the cornerstone for future gains in consumer confidence and spending. According to recent reports, employers added around 217,000 workers to payrolls in the month of May, therefore lifting the average monthly advance so far this year to 213,600, the maximum for this year’s average. Another report today showed that the labor market continues to make steady growth and will continue to do so in 2015 too. The number of claims for jobless benefits plunged by 2000 last week to 312,000, as per figures from the Labor Department. More and more debtors are being able to repay their debt and many are even not requiring help from the debt consolidation companies. All this is a result of more cash flow, more financial awareness and increased savings.

With better household balance sheets and job growth, consumer fundamentals are still pretty strong. In a nutshell, the economy will be as steadier as it is now.

Personal Loan Providers Can Salvage People Stuck In Financial Mess

To lead life without problem, it is imperative that you keep control over your finance. Without a planned approach, you cannot manage the expenses and save for securing your future, as it is. However, people can get into financial hardships for many reasons. Both the spendthrift lot and meticulous spenders can find themselves in monetary hardships at times. There are a few situations that can make you trapped in debt or financial mess. In such times, specific financial solutions like personal loans can be savior.

When you need to look for personal loans

 Unlike home or car loans, people opt for personal loans when they find themselves in monetary crisis. This can be caused by rampant credit card usage for people who are spendthrift. Those who indulge in excessive online shopping can also find themselves trapped in credit card debt. However, cautious spenders can also face financial troubles. Unexpected developments like job loss or a serious ailment and its treatment can leave their bank balance dismal. In such situations, taking personal loans remains the only viable choice.

Ways to getemergency cash loans

Even a few years back, most people would think of a bank to get personal loans to resolve a financial crisis. Now, the scenario is rather different. The tedious verification and documentation involved with bank loans make people in cash strapped condition feel listless. Besides, the banks put stress on credit score of a loan applicant. Applicants with poor credit record may not be eligible for short term personal loans. The only solution to evade this uncertainty is seeking services of online payday loan agencies. Payday lenders offer quick loans to get out of emergency situation and lots of people from various economic segments are seeking their services to resolve economic problems.

Learn about benefits offered by payday lenders

The first and obvious benefit of payday loan providers is quick supply of cash in your accounts. However, their services also come with other inherent benefits. First of all, these lenders do not make you wait after applying for short term loan packages. They need a few hours to verify credentials and then the amount gets transferred to your specified bank account. It is only a few hours and you get relief from worry.

When you deal with short term online loan agencies the need of documentation is reduced. They offer services every day of the week and there is nothing like restricted operation hours. You have the option of applying for loans at any time of the day. The application process is entirely online and you should not have any issues with that. Even then, they offer assistance to applicants.

Check nuances of services of a payday lender you approach

Most payday loan providers offer short deadlines to applicants. In some cases, you may ask them to extend the deadline for a small fee. They also offer the option to pay back the borrowed amount in some installments. Ensure there is no hidden fee or tax involved in such packages.

Saving Money On Fuel Consumption

These days, when prices for gas are more and more increasing, you have to spend a lot of money on your fuel use. In fact, there are certain ways to reduce your fuel consumption and economize a lot of money while driving. Otherwise you’ll have to apply for bad credit loans to pay for carelessness and overuse of your vehicle.

1. Fill up efficiently
If you need to drive on long way, it is reasonable to tank your vehicle full with fuel. It is so, because saving few dollars today by filling the tank, you might waste money twice tomorrow having to go to the filling station again and waiting there. So, it’s much better to do it at once and save both your money and time, by means of getting cash back on card. You can earn some points as card payments for fuel, you get cash back or you are given a reduction up to 5% on fuel value. It is advisable not to run a car with fuel less than quarter, because it will reduce the service life of fuel pump that is electric and it can be destroyed if you drive with empty tank.

2. Avoid Excessive Idling
When you happen to get into heavy traffic or stand on traffic lights or during parking, don’t forget to turn off the engine. Such measure is necessary because running engine in idle stage leads to waste of fuel and logically money. Running in idle stage vehicle uses ¼ of half gallon fuel an hour. So, it’s better to stop your car and then restart it when necessary. Also immoderate number of turns on and off of your engine can lead to deterioration to starter.

3. Drive effectively
Every driver knows that fast driving leads to loss of gas. Driving at high speed, speeding-up and braking at high rate, lessens your mileage by 33 % on speed on thoroughfare and by 5 % in the town. So you should drive cleverly, not only because it is safer to you and other people on the road, but also because you can save on fuel too. When the engine runs at low rate, it uses up less fuel. Whenever it’s possible, keep off driving during the rush-hour, when traffic is large. So as you can see, effective driving is associated not only with security, but also with saving money.

4. Avoid overload
Don’t put extra weight and unnecessary items in your vehicle. If you load extra weight more 100 pounds than recommended in your vehicle, it cuts down fuel efficiency for 2%, and again it is a loss of money. In general, the lessening in efficiency is based on correlation between the extra weight to weight of a car. So the smaller vehicle is more affected comparing to larger ones.

5. Replace the spark plugs now and again
The spark plugs in the engines are made of platinum. They should be changed from time to time. The manufacturers claim that spark plugs can last up to 100,000 miles, but actually they should be replaced after 75,000 miles. Also reading some books related to auto repairing will do you favour.

A Guide To Business Ideas For People Who Are Good At Maths

With the global financial climate worsening, it’s important that we all look for alternative income streams at any given opportunity. Using whatever skills we have to make money at a time like this is essential, which is why those people who have a particular talent for understanding numbers might consider starting their own business over the next twelve months. The road ahead will be difficult and fraught with risk, but with the right advice and some professional planning, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to put your calculators to good use, especially if you’ve got recognized qualifications in the subject.

That said; you’ll also need to be rather creative as well because being able to select the most lucrative opportunities will be a vital part of your success. It’s probably a good idea to aim for ideas that can reach a global client / customer base through the internet, as this will seriously increase your chances of making a profit. Settling for local contacts may be okay in some situations, but for most, it’s best to enter the widest marketplace possible. Statistically, this will mean your potential for profit will be considerably higher, as I’m sure you’re already aware.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

Accountancy Specialist

Most self employed people manage to complete their own tax returns nowadays, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot of money to be made for those who have the capabilities needed to work for large corporations. Tax rules are very different for businesses of this size and also very complicated, but if you’ve already for the know-how and a keen eye for numbers, starting a specialist business doing this sort of thing could be ideal.

Stock Broker

There are lots of people all around the world with enough capital to start investing in the stock market, the only real problem is they haven’t a clue how to get started. Sadly, this means most of them will never get involved, and their money will be spent through less lucrative means. This is where you can help out. Through your understanding of numbers, you should be able to assist these people in making the right moves in much the same way reputable firms do so within the precious metals arena at the moment. Indeed Monex gold investment services are second to none, and this is what you should aim for.

Land Surveyor

With new building projects getting the go-ahead every single day, there’s lots of room in the market for mathematically minded people who have the skills to survey areas of land and produce thorough reports. This is probably the most interesting business idea on my list because it will mean every day is different, so you should never get bored if this is something you’re willing to consider.

I’ve got to head off now because I’m booked to give a talk to some new entrepreneurs at local hotel conference room, but I hope you’ve found this article to be of some use.

Good luck with your new business, whatever you decide to do.

Four Major Reasons on Why Borrowers Prefer Collateral Loans

In case, you desire to get some financial aid especially on short-term basis, you can
utilize your personal assets to collect the required amount of money. It is interesting that adopting this method would enable the borrower not to get anxious about the high rate of interest of the loan. However, there are also several reasons that make the collateral loans the best effective option to solve their financial problem. This type of loan is also known as secured loans for its high level of security.

Reasons of popularity
This type of loan is quite popular among the individuals around for various reasons. The below mentioned points would provide an idea about the reasons of its huge popularity.

Provide quick cash
This loan is most effective to offer quick cash to the borrowers. Unlike, other types of loans this loan does not require the complicated process of documentation. The borrowers only require submitting only a few documents to enjoy the loans.

Credit score
Borrowers prefer this loan as it can be acquired even if the borrowers have a very poor credit score. It is worth mentioning that in most of the case, lenders verify the credit score of the applicant to ensure that whether the applicant would be able to return the money. As the borrowers get this type of money instead of offering the possession of one of their valuable assets to the lenders, the lenders did not take into account the credit score.

Maintain the lifestyle
It is worth mentioning that the borrowers of the security loans hardly require changing their lifestyle. You can still enjoy the facilities of the assets, which you have possessed to the lenders to owe the money. In case of failure to pay the money back after the period, the lenders would take the possession of the asset.

Long period to return the money
Unlike other types of loan, security loan usually provides the longer period to payback the loans. This would allow the borrowers to protect the asset from being collateral.

All these reasons encourage numerous borrowers to prefer this type of loan from the wide variety of loan available in the market.

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