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Germany prepared to help its firms keep doing business in Iran




BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany is prepared to help its firms keep doing business in Iran, its economy minister said on Friday, when the U.S. envoy to Berlin called into question the morality of such transactions.

Tuesday's U.S. withdrawal through the 2019 nuclear accord and planned reimposition of sanctions against Iran were included with the threat of penalties against any foreign firms linked to business there.

Germany – in addition to France and Britain – claims it remains focused on the nuclear deal, and Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said his government had no immediate reason to modify its Hermes export guarantee scheme for Iran either.

"Were all set to consult each of the companies worried about what we should can perform to lessen the negative consequences," he told Deutschlandfunk radio.

"That means, it is concretely about damage limitation" and included offering legal counsel, he stated.

Around 120 German firms have operations with their own staff in Iran, including Siemens (DE:SIEGn), and several 10,000 German companies do business with Iran.

Last year, exports of German goods to Iran rose by around 400 million euros into a 3 billion euros ($3.57 billion) – scarcely over 0.2 percent of the German exports but a lot more than Britain and France.

Altmaier said Germany planned to avoid "a spiral of escalation" in trade relations together with the United states of america.


But the U.S. ambassador in Berlin, Richard Grenell, said firms should question the morality of performing business with Iran, the spot that the economy was largely controlled by using a religious order.

"Every country is sovereign and might decide for itself on sanctions. But Germany, France and Britain, the 'EU3', say themselves that Iran poses a threat. Do they really would like to do business with a threat?" Grenell told Bild newspaper.

"If you are then all companies chiefs who want this will operate and say: 'we want to do business with the mullahs'."

Altmaier said Germany didn’t have legal means of protecting German firms that ply their trade in the nation, but wished to avoid negative fallout for everyone active in Iran.

Of European tensions when using the Country over the Iran issue, Altmaier said: "It is rather much like the trade conflict to get the announced tariffs for steel and aluminum… We’ve got to avoid moving into a spiral of escalation."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Iran's President Hassan Rouhani in the call on Thursday that they supported maintaining the nuclear accord as long as Tehran upheld its side in the deal. French President Emmanuel Macron told Rouhani a similar on a daily basis earlier.

Germany, France and Britain want talks to take place from a broader format on Iran's ballistic missile program and regional military activities, including in Syria and Yemen.

French exports to Iran doubled to at least one.5 billion euros during the past year, driven by way of the export of jets and aircraft parts, and even automobile parts, depending on customs data.

Britain exported 167 million pounds ($225 million) worth of goods and 95 million pounds of services to Iran in 2019.


Natia Turnava Discussed Advantages of HPP Cascade Construction in Pankisi





The Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turanava gave the truly amazing importance towards the constructive dialogue with all the local population regarding planning and implementation of the important projects as being the hydropower plants are. Turnava noted, that your negotiations relating to the investor company plus the representatives within the local residents are going to be successful held with the involvement of the executive government and native self-government. Moreover, environmental organizations were also needed for using this method.

\”With our involvement, an exemplary agreement is achieved between the residents of the Gorge and also the investor company. We predict that the is a really good model that we can expand over other small plants, where people have questions and claims, additionally, the investor have relevant responsibility,\” C the Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turanava stated after the meeting.

Lasha Iordanishvili, the top with the hydropower cascade investor company PERI LLC discussed value of the project and highlighted the extensive benefits that your population from the Gorge will get within the construction process after the power is determined into operation at the same time. As Iordanishvili noted, after moving into exploitation, the HPPs inside Gorge will give the region with the electricity which can also help with the entire energy independence. At the same time, individuals from the Pankisi Gorge gets each of the relevant benefits such as renewed infrastructure, employment, local taxes, etc.

\”Requirements of people, in addition to the environmental requirements, were addressed within the meeting. The investor company should be satisfied as well as it should be able to are employed an exceptionally friendly environment C the two company and the population will only take pleasure in the project implementation,\” C Sozar Subari, the number one Minister\’s Advisor on Regional Issues, noted.

As noted above, the investor company with the Government will establish the infrastructure, which experts claim assists for your tourism development, regulate the Omalo-Dumasturi h2o system, restore the Duisi village h2o reservoir, provide Birkiani-Omalo connecting bridge, provide jobs for over 70 local residents, allocate about 120,000 GEL annually towards the Fund established while in the Gorge, etc.

It ought to be noted the PERI LLC is constructing hydro power plants of the Khadori 3 along with the Samkuristskali 2, with expected investments of well over 40 million USD. Consequently, both HPPs will in the end manage to generate 160 million kWh of electricity. However, the Khadori 3 is a small HPP as well as installed capacity is 5,4 MW even though the installed capacity in the Samkuristskali 2 is 27 MW. Their have an effect on the environment is minimal.

The Khadori 3 will likely be completed within A year whilst the Samkuristskali 2 C in 30 months.

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Baku-Tbilisi-Kars C Commerce or Politics





What can we have in fact? Which type along with what degree of cargo has become transported through this season? Neither the federal government nor the railroad have publicized any info on this trouble. As per the Turkish government, during the first year, as many as 116 trains transported 110,000 a lot of cargo. Reported by specialists, this is usually a tiny volume for the project, which financed exactly the Georgian section ?775 million USD.

The countries working in the project haven\’t introduced a joint tariff policy, and trains run at really low speed. These 4 elements are believed to be for being key defects for that route. Based on analysts, the Trans-Asia corridor, which crosses Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, will be the main competitor for your Baku-Tbilisi-Kars section.

A high-speed Trans-Asia route might be more profitable, and will be much more so before long, as ?the velocity will go nearly 200km/hour, along with its competitive capacity raises. It has to be noted that 120km/h could be the highest speed ?for any Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad. However, you can find one component that leads analysts to presume the current situation may change. The problem is of course the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to specialists, in case the current situation remains unchanged ,or it worsens before long, area of the Trans-Asia cargo may very well be redirected southern area Caucasus.

At this stage, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad transports two kinds of cargo to the west: cargo for Turkey and cargo for Europe.

Since cargo transport is going to be limited via the Marmarai Tunnel (the tunnel supplies mainly for ?cargo transport for six hours, when the Istanbul subway line is closed), and also this cargo is going to be focused on Europe in the seaports of Turkey. Consequently, cargo flow to Europe will miss Georgian Seaports.

According to specialists, for countless years Georgia should never be ready to receive considerable revenues from cargo transit. The problem may change if cargo transit volume grows. Initially, the annual cargo turnover are going to be 6.5 million tons, in your long-time the figure may rise to 17 million tons.

Railroad specialist David Gochava noted the fact that Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway corridor will bring advantages to Georgia only in one case: if Georgian Railway carries out transit from Akhalkalaki to ?Turkish railways. However, Gochava says that it really is questionable whether or not the current control over Georgian Railway will be able to undertake this project.

The total entire Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway is 826 kilometers, together with a 503 km section in Azerbaijan, a 255 km section in Georgia and 68 kilometers in Turkey. Initially, this route is anticipated to hold 1 million passengers. In accordance with design calculations, this figure will rise to a few million passengers by 2030.

By Zurab Khachapuridze

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Davos Podcast: Marcomms Leaders From Philip Morris, UNWFP & TCS





The Holmes Report’s Arun Sudhaman sits down with a trio of senior marcomms leaders along at the 2019 World Economic Forum at?Davos, discussing the event’s enduring significance, and also the challenges facing the established world order. For the new, PMI communications SVP Marian Salzman discusses her surprising decision to sign up for ‘big tobacco’ following a lengthy stint leading advertising and PR agencies. Salzman is followed by UN World Food Programme communications director Corinne Woods, who explores her organization’s marketing challenges, along with the benefits Davos brings for NGOs. Finally, Davos veteran and TCS CMCO Abhinav Kumar joins the show to present his reflections in this particular year’s event and also the continuing perception gap that plagues the modern world Economic Forum.

The Echo Chamber podcast is made by Markettiers?and sponsored by?The Bulleit Group.


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